We set the standard others follow

The American Kart Track Promoters Association was formed in order to give the Independent Track Promoters, Track Owners and Clubs affordable event insurance programs, an alternative if you will or a choice as they endeavor to promote there events.

After much research and discussion the decision was made to develop affordable event insurance programs that assisted the small vehicle promoters and event planners in order to arm them with more information. This information will empower those individuals to make a better informed decision. Would you rather make a decision based upon choice or out of necessity because you were not aware of another choice?

Our Commitment

As with any type of business, it is always better to have additional suppliers, vendors and resources available so that a business can make the best possible decision based upon sound business practices. With that in mind, we have developed an Affordable Event Insurance Program along with our insurance provider that will enable our members affordable programs based upon their needs as well as other event planning programs.

We have also started a preferred vendor listing of those companies that offer necessary track equipment, supplies or event services. This will enable our members an additional resource as they plan and promote a successful event.

The American Kart Track Promoters Association will do everything possible to keep our members informed. We will strive to provide quality service and support without compromising our integrity.

We look forward to serving you—our Members!

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